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Hiking for beginners – Important tips

Hiking backpacks are suitable for different types of excursions and, of course, for hiking. Hiking backpacks are made of different types of materials and can be of different sizes. If … Read More

First time hiking? You don’t have to do this

If you are bored with summer lying on the beach, if you have always loved the mountains, the physiatrist advised you to walk more, decided to take your neighbor from … Read More

Tips for perfect snow climbing

When we think of winter, for many of us, these are pleasant things such as. coffee and Christmas celebrations. But there are those who, despite the additional challenges, or maybe … Read More

Tips: How does hiking affect your body and mind?

People living on high altitudes, as well as those who regularly visit hiking peaks have excellent prerequisites for longer life and reaching a deep old age, show numerous scientific studies …

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