If you are bored with summer lying on the beach, if you have always loved the mountains, the physiatrist advised you to walk more, decided to take your neighbor from the Young Mountains, or just realized that you were just going for hiking, active holidays and sleeping in your tent, we feel obliged to alert you to a few things to keep in mind before embarking on a new adventure (from which you will then send us pictures).

1. Do not cook lunch in a tent
No matter how bad the weather is outside, do not bring your grill into the tent. If you suffer from starvation poorly, turn to dry food, because skipping cooked will not be a tragedy, and staying without a tent killed in a fire, even in bad weather, could. Not to mention the variant where you burn with your tent, and there is no one around to see your wounds.

2. Remove the sleeping bag from the rain
Even if there are worse things for you than lying in the wet, we strongly insist that you not put yourself in that situation. To prevent it, keep your bag in a backpack or regular plastic bag, preferably with sleeping gear + warm underwear, spare socks). This precaution is not discouraging even if the material of which your sleeping bag is woven is kept waterproof. Do not later, these from Daljine.rs did not warn us!

3. Don’t wear shoes that are your knapsack
This is one of the golden rules for all hikers: the size of the shoes you wear around town can prove to be a fatal mistake on your expedition. So when you go shopping for hiking boots, bring along the socks you will wear on the same occasion and try your boots in the evening or after a walk. If you already have loose shoes, this is no guarantee. To avoid torture, buy at least half the size of a larger pair and you’re done.

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