A reality check comes very soon and learn the hard and painful way of what it means when you have bad shoes and when your feet are wet; or matches.

Joke aside, since we all strive to make beautiful moments worth remembering in life, it is very important that you plan a good route before you go, what you need to take, whether you are a recreational or an experienced mountain cat, and what equipment you have necessary to end your adventure with only fatigue and a smile.

It happened to us, now we’re talking! ?

In order to avoid any inconvenience and enjoy your adventure to the fullest, we have prepared for you a list of the things that are important to keep in mind and that you should bring with you.

Physical education
We all like to think that we are in shape and how we are breaking, and often the situation is not like this. That is why it is important that you do not go beyond your capabilities to avoid fatigue, injury and becoming a burden to other mountaineers on the team.

It is good to know that by the severity of the action we divide into:

Easy – hiking trips available to any mountaineer, where the total duration of the walk does not exceed 5 hours, long and steep ascents are excluded, the cumulative difference in altitude when climbing does not exceed 300m
Medium – easier hiking tours available to most hikers with up to 7 hours of walking, which may contain longer and shorter steep sections. The total altitude difference at climb is from 400 to 600m
Difficult – Hard hiking tours that involve more long, steep climbs. The length of the walk is 7-9 hours, and the total altitude difference when climbing is from 800 to 1100m. Not suitable for all hikers categories
Difficult – very demanding tours with walking of 10 or more hours, which are recommended only for conditionally prepared hikers. Contains multiple long, steep and very steep climbs with a cumulative difference in altitude when climbing over 1200m
So be realistic, consult with more experienced mountaineers and give yourself space to progress gradually.

Mountaineering equipment
Today, there are various types of planning equipment, which is of good quality and you can buy it at affordable prices. Most importantly, it is functional, comfortable, lightweight and durable.

The basic mountaineering equipment consists of: shoes, backpack, clothes – wardrobe (pants, hooded jacket, raincoat, active laundry, sweatshirt, cap, gloves, socks) walking sticks, small equipment (glasses, face mask, headlamp…), medicines, cosmetics, first aid kit, hygiene products, food and drink, orientation accessories…

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